X11VNC Server on Ubuntu,LinuxMint & Debian

X11VNC is the popular VNC server for creating remote desktop connection and access remote desktop. It works will almost all the desktop environment available for Ubuntu and Debian based systems. Using remote desktop connection we can connect any remote system and access graphical user interface and work. We can use any available vnc viewer like tight vnc viewer, real vnc viewer or ultra vnc viewer.
X11VNC can be a better remote support software for you. This tutorial will help you to setup x11vnc server on your Ubuntu, LinuxMint & Debian system and connect using vnc viewer from client system.
Install X11VNC
X11vnc packages are available under default repositories, So just update default repositories and install.
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install x11vnc

Create Password

Now create a password to connect using vnc viewer from client system.
$ x11vnc -storepasswd

Enter VNC password: *********
Verify password: *********    
Write password to /home/rahul/.vnc/passwd?  [y]/n y
Password written to: /home/rahul/.vnc/passwd

Start X11VNC Server

After successful installation of x11vnc server on your system. Let’s start it using following command. Change the parameters as per your setup.
$ sudo x11vnc -auth guess -forever -loop -noxdamage -repeat -rfbauth /home/rahul/.vnc/passwd -rfbport 5900 -shared

Setup AutoStart on Boot

Finally setup the auto start of x11vnc server on system boot. Create ax11vnc.conf file under /etc/init/ directory using following content.
$ sudo vi /etc/init/x11vnc.conf
# description "Start x11vnc on system boot"

description "x11vnc"

start on runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [^2345]

console log

respawn limit 20 5

exec /usr/bin/x11vnc -auth guess -forever -loop -noxdamage -repeat -rfbauth /home/rahul/.vnc/passwd -rfbport 5900 -shared

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