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Remote Desktop Services (RDS), known as Terminal Services. RDS is Microsoft's implementation of thin client, where Windows software and the entire desktop of the computer running RDS, are made accessible to a remote client machine that supports Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). With RDS, only software user interfaces are 

transferred to the client system. All input from the client system is transmitted to the server, where software execution takes place.
[root@hackthesec]# sudo apt-get update
After That
[root@hackthesec]# sudo apt-get install xrdp
After That
[root@hackthesec]# echo “gnome-session –session=gnome-classic” > .xsession
After That Restart The Demon through following command.
[root@hackthesec]# sudo /etc/init.d/xrdp restart
You can use a different session types for the gnome session:
  • ubuntu
  • gnome-classic
  • gnome-fallback
  • ubuntu-2d
For different desktops 
To use GNOME Fallback ("GNOME Classic (no effects)"): 
[root@hackthesec]# echo gnome-session --session=gnome-fallback > ~/.xsession
Or, to use Xfce ("Xubuntu Session"):
[root@hackthesec]# echo xfce4-session > ~/.xsession
Or, to use LXDE ("Lubuntu Desktop"):
echo lxsession -s Lubuntu -e LXDE > ~/.xsession  

echo lxsession -s LXDE -e LXDE > ~/.xsession  

/usr/bin/startkde  > .xsession  # for kde desktop

sample .xsession file ;

#gnome-session --session=gnome-classic
#lxsession  -s LXDE -e LXDE
#lightdm --session-child 12 25 

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