Setup Linux Crontab with Examples

The crontab is a list of commands that you want to run on a regular schedule, and also the name of the command used to manage that list.crontab stands for "cron table," because it uses the job scheduler cron to execute tasks; cron itself is named after "chronos," the Greek word for time.

Important command related to crontab.

To see what cron jobs are currently running on your system.
crontab -l
To configure new or edit currently running crontab.
crontab -e
and below command will give prompt before deleting user’s crontanb.
cronttab -r -i
To remove or delete currently running crontab.
crontab -r
To setup crontab for a specific user.
For example you as root user want to setup cron job for a user called hackthesec.
To access users crontab we will use following command.
crontab -u hackthesec -e
To view other users currently running crontabs.
crontab -u hackthesec -l
To view other users currently running crontabs.
crontab -u hackthesec -r
In order to setup or edit a cron job, we need to understand the contab format first:
It consists on 6 parts, see below explanation.

Now, to keep above format in mind let us see some practical examples of crontab job scheduling.
Schedule cron job for specific time.
Below command will execute a shell script called on 29th February at 03:30 AM. Will use short code to remember crontab format.
#M  H  DOM M  DOW Cmd
 30 03 29  02 *   /bin/bash /scripts/
Note: As mentioned in above example corntab uses 24 hours format, so, for 3 AM use 3, and for 3 PM use 15.
Schedule cron job to run Every minute.
 *  * *   * *   /bin/bash /scripts/
Asterisks represents all, so above example will run mentioned command:
every minute.

of every hour
of every day of the month
of every day of the week.
Schedule a job to run Every 5 minute.
#M    H   DOM  M   DOW   Cmd
 */5  *   *    *   *     /bin/bash /scripts/
Execute a cron job Every 1 hour.
#M    H    DOM  M   DOW   Cmd
 0    *    *    *   *     /bin/bash /scripts/
Execute a cron job every 5 hour.
#M    H    DOM  M   DOW   Cmd
 0    */5  *    *   *     /bin/bash /scripts/
Schedule a cron job using Special tags.
@hourly   Run once an hour
@daily   Run once a day
@weekly   Run once a week
@montly   Run once a month
@yearly   Run once a year
@reboot   Run once, at startup

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