Using NODEQUERY to monitor server performance
NodeQuery provides a lightweight and easy to use linux server monitoring service. Get alerts and actively monitor the performance of your servers.

Anyway, I really like the simplicity of NodeQuery’s user interface and the way its display the data.
How to setup NodeQuery monitoring agent on your server?


Step 1 – Of course, you have to firstly signup for an account at NodeQuery website. Visit this link to go to their signup page.
Step 2 – Choose Beta Account, and then fill in your Full Name, Email Address and Password.
Just click on the blue Sign Up button. You'll be then asked to enter a challenge code. Just enter it, tick mark the "I agree to ToS," and click the Confirm button.

Then Goto your mail box and active the registration link after that login your account you will see the bellow dashboard..

Step 5 – Let's add your first server to monitor. Click on the New Server button / link.
Step 6 – Now define your server name. It is strongly recommended to use your valid FQDN.
You have to also decide how the system will send you alert when your server goes down.
Setup minimum threshold of when NodePing should send you alert. There are three major sections you can setup the threshold for system resource usage alert : System load, RAM usage, and Disk usage.

Step 7 -After that You'll be given a command to install monitoring agent on your server. Just copy that command :
Step 8 - Open up putty and login to your server as a user with sudo privilege. Issue the coped command there :
Step 9 – Go back to NodeQuery dashboard and click on the Manage Servers button.  You’ll then notice your newly added server is there. However, the status would be Awaiting Data It's need some to for syncing..

Just wait for approximately 3 minutes and refresh that page. You’ll then see a page similar to this one :
Step 10 – You can then browse around to see detailed server performance stats monitored by NodeQuery :
Network usage
Network latency
Average Load (CPU and Disk I/O)
RAM Usage Stats
Disk Usage

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