Google drive in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Google has not released its official linux client for accessing its drive from the ubuntu. But open source community has developed unofficial package called ‘grive-tools‘.

Grive is a Google Drive (online storage service) client for GNU/Linux systems.It allows the synchronization of all your files on the cloud with a directory of your choice and the upload of new files to Google Drive.

Installation Steps of grive-tools

Step:1 Add grive-tools PPA using below Command :

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thefanclub/grive-tools

Step:2 Update the list

$ sudo apt-get update

Step:3 Install grive-tools

$ sudo apt-get install grive-tools

Steps to Access Google Drive
Step:1 Once the installation is completed , search the application on the Unity Dash by typing Grive, and open it.

Step:2 Sign in to google drive , you will be asked to give the permissions to access google drive

When we click on Next, a new broswer will open with Google login page

Log in to your Google Account and Click on Accept , as shown below :

Step:3 You will be provided a google code , copy this code and paste it into the Grive Setup box.

When we Click on Next , it will start syncing your google drive with ‘ Google Drive‘ folder under your’s home directory. Below window will appear when the installation is completed.

Google Drive folder created under user’s home directory

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