Install Desktop on CentOS

Now in this post, we will show how to install Desktop on CentOS 7.
As a linux user , you should be aware that in Linux World we have many Desktop environment available. Some of them, we are listing down.
  •  KDE
  •  Unity (For Ubuntu)
  •  Cinnamon (For of GNOME, originally developed by Linux Mint)
  • LXDE
In this post, we will install GNOME desktop on CentOS 7 which is popular and widely used. You can opt for other Desktop Environment alternative.
Steps To Install GNOME Desktop on CentOS 7
1. Login as Root on CentOS 7 system or switch to super user after login
sudo su -
2. Take the backup of data which you want to save. (Make a habit of taking backup, it is a good practice)
3. Run the command –
yum groupinstall "GNOME Desktop"
NOTE: Installing Desktop will consume time. When we installed the GNOME Desktop, all packages size was aggregated to more than 700 MB. This was the case for minimal installed CentOS 7. We recommend to install Desktop when your system have good internet speed.

4. This is not an end yet. To get the Desktop on every system boot, run the given below command.
systemctl set-default
5. Restart the CentOS 7 system.
init 6
6. On system reboot, you will get some questions on screen to answer. These are as follows –
(a) EULA
Accept the license.
(b) Language Setting
Select your language
(c) Keyboard Typing
Select your keyboard type
(d) Timezone
Select your country time zone.
(e) User Creation
Create your user and set the password
(f) "You're All Set"
You will get the finishing line as written just above.
You are all set now. You can start working on your desktop. Restart the system and check it once again.
Do you know that
(A)Once the installation of "GNOME Desktop" is completed. You can get into Desktop from your black terminal. For this you have to run the command –
(B)Start the service to directly switch to Desktop without reboot
systemctl start

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